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Lot 618

1935, Provisional Christmas Seal, 3m on 1pi carmine (Scott M11), full booklet pane of 20, Frame A; booklet #A4284; includes "dented '3' of 1935" variety at position 18; with intact cover and one sheet of interleaving, o.g., never hinged, as fresh as they come; cover with pencil notation "100 3m/Xmas 1935.", Very Fine.
SG A11; £340 as singles ($440). Nile Post BF11, BF11a; $415 as singles.
Scott $500 as singles.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Current Bid$130
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Lot 619
1932-35, Christmas Seals Collection (Scott M2//M11), on eight annotated exhibition pages; singles, pairs, blocks, booklet panes of 20 mint; used singles and multiples (including a few on piece); paper, ink and printing varieties, with nearly every single item plated, catalogue value totals provided are for singles, without any premium for multiples or full panes, Very Fine, view on our website, a wonderful collection and a wealth of research.
SG A3//A11; £1,386 as singles ($1,800). Nile Post BF2//BF11.
Scott $2,750 as singles.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Current Bid$300
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Lot 620
1936-39, Army Stamps, 3m green & 10m carmine (Scott M12-M15), nice lot comprising imperforate singles with "Cancelled" on back, plus oblique-perforated examples, ranging from singles (#M12 & M13, four of each) to blocks of four (#M14 & M15), to a block of nine (#M13); imperforates on card show prior hinging, all gummed stamps except one #M13 are never hinged; as a bonus, a set of all four stamps from the Royal Collection (on card and backstamped), along with an additional #M15 reversed to show backstamp, included, Very Fine, a great set; please view.
SG A12-A15. Nile Post AP1-AP4; $1,062.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Current Bid$180
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Lot 621
1936-39, Army Stamps, 3m green & 10m carmine, collection of blocks (Scott M12-M15), mounted and fully annotated on exhibition pages, features both denominations of the large King Fouad and small King Farouk issues; at least one example of each possible control number block (including paper varieties), plus larger blocks including #M12 block of 25, #M13 block of 25 and 49 (with sheet number in margin), #M14 block of 25 (2) plus block of 46 and block of 50 (latter both Pane B), and #M15 block of 25, spot check showed most never hinged; the one we found hinged was lightly so, Very Fine, phenomenal specialist's grouping; priced as singles, with no premium for control number or larger blocks.
SG A12-A15. Nile Post AP1-AP4.
Scott $2,115 as singles.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Current Bid$300
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Lot 622

1932-36, Military Post Office Cover Collection (Scott M1//M8), comprising 27 covers franked with Postal Seals, Letter Seals or Letter Stamps; all to England save one to Canada; range of Crown Circle numbers and M.P.O. datestamps; improper usages, multiples, a scarce #M1 usage on post card, civilian cancels, a British Due cover, a violet retta cancel, etc., Gibbons value for singles on cover, with no premium for multiples, Very Fine, fully imaged on our website, an excellent range of material, all presented and annotated on 23 exhibition pages.
SG A1//A9; £618 ($800). Nile Post BF1//BF8.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Current Bid$250
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Lot 623

1932-35, Christmas Seals Cover Collection (Scott M2//M11), ten in total, neatly presented and written up on nine exhibition pages; one to Irish Free State, one to Scotland, the remainder to locales around England; printing varieties, a "T" Due cover, various Crown Cancel numbers, an Egyptian Traveling Post Office cancel, etc., etc., Very Fine, all on our website to peruse.
SG A3//A11; £2,545 for on cover ($3,310). Nile Post BF2//BF11.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,800.
Current Bid$600
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Lot 624

1932 (Dec. 6 & 27), Two Covers with Elusive Crown Cancel #7, each to London, both covers in excellent condition, each bearing a clear strike of the "Egypt Postage Paid" Crown Cancel #7 and "M.P.O. MOASCAR" datestamp; one dated Dec. 6, 1932, the other Dec. 27, 1932, Very Fine, a desirable duo, the Crown Cancel device was used between Nov. 1, 1932 (earliest known cover dated Nov. 8), and March 6, 1933, when the device was reported lost.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid$375
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