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Lot 628

1932-36, Military Post Office Cover Collection (Scott M1//M8), comprising 27 covers franked with Postal Seals, Letter Seals or Letter Stamps; all to England save one to Canada; range of Crown Circle numbers and M.P.O. datestamps; improper usages, multiples, a scarce #M1 usage on post card, civilian cancels, a British Due cover, a violet retta cancel, etc., Gibbons value for singles on cover, with no premium for multiples, Very Fine, fully imaged on our website, an excellent range of material, all presented and annotated on 23 exhibition pages.
SG A1//A9; £618 ($820). Nile Post BF1//BF8.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $700.
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Lot 629

1932-35, Christmas Seals Cover Collection (Scott M2//M11), ten in total, neatly presented and written up on nine exhibition pages; one to Irish Free State, one to Scotland, the remainder to locales around England; printing varieties, a "T" Due cover, various Crown Cancel numbers, an Egyptian Traveling Post Office cancel, etc., etc., Very Fine, all on our website to peruse.
SG A3//A11; £2,545 for on cover ($3,380). Nile Post BF2//BF11.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,800.
Realized $650.
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Lot 630

1936 (March 15), "Mary Lloyd" Covers complete, each mounted and beautifully annotated on exhibition pages; properly franked and cancelled on reverse with red 1pi "Letter Stamp", with bridge Military Post Office (M.P.O.) c.d.s. in black and double-ringed "EGYPT POSTAGE PREPAID" Crown Cancel (in red) on the front; all but the "lost" Crown Cancel #7 present; note M.P.O.'s from Abu Qir, Abu Sueir, Alexandria, Cairo (Type 1 & 2), Moascar and Port Said, and Crown Cancels #9 & 10 in violet and #11 & 12 in black; variously colored retta cancels on reverse, Very Fine+.
Estimate $400 - 600

Through the Anglo-Egyptian Postal Concession of 1932, British enlisted men could post surface letters to the UK and Irish Free State at a discounted rate, if mailed from military post offices. Special stamps ("labels", as they were called) were created for British Forces, and were used from 1932 through 1936, when Egyptian "Army Post" stamps were issued. These labels were to be placed on the back of the envelope with a retta (dotted lozenge) cancel applied, with a black Military Post Office and red numbered Crown Cancel applied on front.

The "Mary Lloyd Covers" were created on the last day these stamps and Crown Cancels were valid, March 15, 1936, following the franking practices set out in the Concession. There were originally 25 Crown Cancels, but #7 was lost in 1933 (dropped down a well…or trampled by a camel angry at its depiction on the 1932 Christmas label, reports disagree), so the Mary Lloyd sets have only 24 covers.
Only 50 sets were created for the UPU and various officials involved with the Concession, including Egypt's King Fouad and England's King George V (both avid collectors). Most have been broken up over the years, making a full set such as this even scarcer.
Realized $700.
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