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September 25, 2011


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Lots 6001-6002   U.S. Postal History by State
Lots 6003-6004   U.S. Postal History by State: Alabama
Lots 6005-6007   U.S. Postal History by State: California
Lots 6008-6013   U.S. Postal History by State: Connecticut
Lots 6014-6014   U.S. Postal History by State: Delaware
Lots 6015-6015   U.S. Postal History by State: District of Columbia
Lots 6016-6016   U.S. Postal History by State: Georgia
Lots 6017-6017   U.S. Postal History by State: Illinois
Lots 6018-6023   U.S. Postal History by State: Indiana
Lots 6024-6025   U.S. Postal History by State: Iowa
Lots 6026-6027   U.S. Postal History by State: Kansas
Lots 6028-6028   U.S. Postal History by State: Kentucky
Lots 6029-6033   U.S. Postal History by State: Louisiana
Lots 6034-6034   U.S. Postal History by State: Maine
Lots 6035-6038   U.S. Postal History by State: Maryland
Lots 6039-6159   U.S. Postal History by State: Massachusetts
Lots 6160-6161   U.S. Postal History by State: Michigan
Lots 6162-6162   U.S. Postal History by State: Mississippi
Lots 6163-6164   U.S. Postal History by State: Nebraska
Lots 6165-6165   U.S. Postal History by State: New Jersey
Lots 6166-6238   U.S. Postal History by State: New York
Lots 6239-6239   U.S. Postal History by State: Ohio
Lots 6240-6241   U.S. Postal History by State: Pennsylvania
Lots 6242-6242   U.S. Postal History by State: Rhode Island
Lots 6243-6245   U.S. Postal History by State: Vermont
Lots 6246-6257   U.S. Postal History by State: Virginia
Lots 6258-6259   U.S. Postal History: Eastern Express Covers
Lots 6260-6267   U.S. Postal History: Western Express Covers
Lots 6268-6317   U.S. Postal History: Incoming Mail
Lots 6318-6511   U.S. Postal History: Forwarders Covers
Lots 6512-6540   U.S. Postal History: Foreign Mail
Lots 6541-6902   U.S. Postal History: Post Cards to Foreign Destinations
Lots 6903-7232   U.S. Postal History: New York Foreign Mail Cancels
Lots 7233-7245   U.S. Postal History: Railroad Covers
Lots 7246-7337   U.S. Postal History: Ship/Ocean Waterway Covers
Lots 7338-7477   U.S. Postal History: Advertising/Illustrated Covers
Lots 7478-7495   U.S. Postal History: Fancy Cancels
Lots 7496-7511   U.S. Postal History: Machine Cancels
Lots 7512-7520   U.S. Postal History: Miscellaneous Postal Markings
Lots 7521-7592   U.S. Postal History: By Stamp
Lots 7593-7603   U.S. Postal History: Airmail Covers
Lots 7604-7625   U.S. Postal History: Special Delivery and Other Back-of-the-Book Covers
Lots 7626-7628   U.S. Stamps: Postmasters' Provisionals and 1847 Issue
Lots 7629-7645   U.S. Stamps: 1851 Issue
Lots 7646-7671   U.S. Stamps: 1857 Issue
Lots 7672-7711   U.S. Stamps: 1861-1866 Issue
Lots 7712-7734   U.S. Stamps: 1867 Grilled Issues
Lots 7735-7771   U.S. Stamps: 1869 Pictorial Issue
Lots 7772-7799   U.S. Stamps: 1870-1871 National Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 7800-7825   U.S. Stamps: 1873-1875 Continental Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 7826-7856   U.S. Stamps: 1879-1888 American Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 7857-7870   U.S. Stamps: 1890 Issue
Lots 7871-7901   U.S. Stamps: 1893 Columbian Issue
Lots 7902-7939   U.S. Stamps: 1894-1898 Bureau Issues
Lots 7940-7955   U.S. Stamps: 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Lots 7956-7971   U.S. Stamps: 1901 Pan-American Issue
Lots 7972-7995   U.S. Stamps: 1902-1908 Regular Issues
Lots 7996-8012   U.S. Stamps: 1904-1907 Commemoratives
Lots 8013-8112   U.S. Stamps: 1908-1910 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 8113-8125   U.S. Stamps: 1913-1915 Panama-Pacific Issue
Lots 8126-8226   U.S. Stamps: 1912-1916 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 8227-8285   U.S. Stamps: 1917-1919 Washington-Franklin Issue, Perf. 11
Lots 8286-8372   U.S. Stamps: 1918-1923 Issues
Lots 8373-8405   U.S. Stamps: 1922-1925 Regular Issue
Lots 8406-8489   U.S. Stamps: 1923-1929 Issues
Lots 8490-8527   U.S. Stamps: 1930-1947 Issues
Lots 8528-8600   U.S. Stamps: 1954-1998 Issues
Lots 8601-8649   U.S. Stamps: Airmail
Lots 8650-8660   U.S. Stamps: Special Delivery and Registry
Lots 8661-8673   U.S. Stamps: Postage Due
Lots 8674-8678   U.S. Stamps: Offices in China
Lots 8679-8747   U.S. Stamps: Officials
Lots 8748-8787   U.S. Stamps: Newspaper Stamps
Lots 8788-8800   U.S. Stamps: Parcel Post and Special Handling
Lots 8801-8802   U.S. Stamps: Carriers and Telegraphs
Lots 8803-8825   U.S. Stamps: Revenue
Lots 8826-8869   U.S. Stamps: Duck Stamps
Lots 8870-8875   U.S. Stamps: Postal Savings, War Savings, Test Stamps
Lots 8876-8889   U.S. Civil War Postal History
Lots 8890-8902   Confederate Postal History
Lots 8903-8914   Confederate Stamps
Lots 8915-8921   U.S. Possessions: Canal Zone
Lots 8922-8927   U.S. Possessions: Guam
Lots 8928-8934   U.S. Possessions: Hawaii
Lots 8935-8942   U.S. Possessions: Philippines
Lots 8943-8977   Great Britain
Lots 8978-8991   British Commonwealth: Aden through Ascension
Lots 8992-9010   British Commonwealth: Australia and States
Lots 9011-9016   British Commonwealth: Bahamas through British Omnibus
Lots 9017-9094   British Commonwealth: Canadian Provinces: Newfoundland
Lots 9095-9164   British Commonwealth: Canada
Lots 9165-9182   British Commonwealth: Cape of Good Hope through Grenada
Lots 9183-9287   British Commonwealth: Hong Kong and Treaty Ports
Lots 9288-9337   British Commonwealth: Ireland through Turks Island
Lots 9338-9402   Europe, Asia and Latin America
Lots 9403-9495   Philatelic Literature

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