Sale 713

Lot 3307

Airmail, 1930, 65¢ Graf Zeppelin (Scott C13), complete sheet of 50, o.g., never hinged (natural gum creases), astounding example of this rarely offered full sheet of 50 containing two plate blocks and outstanding well centered singles; among the finest known remaining intact sheets available to collectors, Very Fine to Extremely Fine.
Scott $14,100 as plates + singles.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $12,000

Lot 3104

1917, 5¢ carmine error, imperf (Scott 485), o.g., never hinged, absolutely gorgeous GEM quality imperforate color error showing small portions of adjacent stamps at left and right; an elite example that would enhance the finest collection, as this stamp is in a remarkable state of preservation; a rare opportunity, Extremely Fine, with 2004 P.F. certificate.
Scott $14,000.
Estimate $12,000 - 18,000.

Realized $10,800

Lot 2208


1851, 1¢ blue, type Ib (Scott 5A), gorgeous blue "Cincinnati" town cancellation, tremendous top sheet margin single of Pos. 6R1E - featuring vivid color and razor sharp impression; this stamp is almost never found completely sound and choice; a rare opportunity, Very Fine, with 1999 and 2006 P.F.C.'s plus 2007 P.S.E. certificate graded VF 80J.
SMQ VF 80J; $12,500.
Scott $11,000.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.

Realized $10,200

Lot 1162

Italian States: Papal/Roman States, 1852, 1sc black on rose (Scott 11), four clear to good margins all around, tied by Rome c.d.s., 19 Mar 1859, on small envelope to New York, boxed "P.P.", red French paquebot c.d.s. and red New York Paid receiver, 11 Apr, all on the front, Paris-Calais railroad c.d.s. on reverse, Fine to Very Fine.
Sassone 11; €90,000 ($105,750).
Scott $85,000.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000


Realized $6,900

Lot 2192


1847, 10¢ black (Scott 2), unused without gum, phenomenal example of this rare unused stamp; desirable large margined stamp showing part of next stamp at top, plus small portion of adjacent stamp's frame line at bottom; eye-arresting color with sharp early impression; the rarity of this stamp in this remarkable condition cannot be overstated; minor stain spot at top right, otherwise Extremely Fine, with 1968 P.F. certificate.
Scott $15,000.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.

Realized $7,800

Lot 2485

1867, 5¢ brown, F. grill (Scott 95), o.g., previously hinged, a handsome and elusive stamp with outstanding rich color; a nice example missing from most collections, Extremely Fine, quite possibly one of the finest known examples, with 2017 P.F. certificate graded XF 90.
SMQ XF 90; $11,000.
Scott $3,250.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.


Lot 2870

1901, Pan-American, 1¢ green & black, center inverted (Scott 294a), o.g., previously hinged, a gorgeous example of this popular inverted center with deep rich color; difficult to find in such lovely condition, Fine to Very Fine and elusive, with 2017 P.S.E. certificate.
Scott $12,500.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.

Realized $7,500

Lot 1215

Russia, 1927, 8k on 7k watermarked, narrow spacing (Scott 350b), o.g., never hinged, Very Fine. A marvelous example of this very rare variety. Also includes a never hinged example with normal spacing (#350) for comparison, signed Buchsbayew.
Zagorsky 209A; $1,300,000 (2014).
Scott $27,500.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.


Lot 3684

Confederate States, 1863, 10¢ blue, 40¢ Trans-Mississippi Express Rate, West to East on Wallpaper Cover (Scott 11), block of four manuscript cancelled and with two strokes of a light unidentified postmark on wallpaper cover with manuscript "Jefferson, Tex Nov 13" postal markings paying the 40¢ Trans-Mississippi Express Rate, West to East, addressed to Fayet(t)ville, N. Carolina, colorful and striking usage, truly an exhibit-showpiece! Very Fine, a very rare usage by itself yet alone on a wallpaper adversity cover, with 2017 C.S.A. certificate, without premium for wallpaper cover.
C.S.A. Catalog CC-11-AD; $15,000 for Texas town.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.

Realized $5,100

Lot 3628


Hunting Permit, 1934, $1 Mallards, imperf (Scott RW1a), sheet margin single, unused without gum, cut close but well clear at the left with a wide sheet margin at the top and large margins on the other two sides; thinned in selvage, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500

A great Duck Stamp rarity—an imperf pair, as listed, is unpriced

Realized $8,400

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