FEATURED ITEM LOT 1349 - SALE 758 Airmail Semi-Official, 1911, 25¢ Vin Fiz (Scott CL2), on lightly tinted paper, cleanly printed in robust color; affixed to official flight postcard (cut down), the reverse showing a portrait of Rodgers and a portion of the plane
Closing July 13-16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 607 - SALE 758 1869 (1875 Re-issue), 90¢ carmine & black (Scott 132), o.g., lightly hinged, a magnificent example, with paper and colors fresh and bright, frame and vignette in near-perfect register, and margins that don't come much more balanced, Extremely Fine to Superb
Closing July 13-16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 1124 - SALE 758 1923, 2¢ Harding, rotary press printing, the rare perf 11 (Scott 613), well-centered for this very rare and difficult stamp (Scott's value is for a grade of Fine), with a partial black duplex cancel
Closing July 13-16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 145 - SALE 758 1869, Grant essay, by George T. Jones (Scott 112-E1b), light violet overprint in fugitive ink on black vignette and frame, die on India paper, cut to stamp size
Closing July 13-16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 407 - SALE 758 St. Louis, Mo., 1845, 5¢ black on greenish (Scott 11X1), position 5, four-margined and fresh with clear impression; facially clean, cancelled by pen strokes and red postmark
Closing July 13-16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 636 - SALE 758 1875, 2¢ carmine vermilion, C.B.N.C. "Hard Paper" Special Printing (Scott 180), without gum as issued, Post Office fresh with glowing color and clean lines; margins clear of design on all sides; reperforated at right, Fine to Very Fine appearance, an incredibly rare stamp
Closing July 13-16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 937 - SALE 758 1914, 5¢ blue, S.L. watermark, perf 12 x 10 (Scott 423C), a sensational example not just for its strong color and light cancel, but for the fact that it is completely fresh and sound, per the three accompanying certificates, Fine to Very Fine, one of just 25 examples recorded. Closing July 13-16, 2021 FEATURED ITEM LOT 860 - SALE 758 1909, 4¢ orange brown, bluish paper (Scott 360), o.g., lightly hinged, Post Office fresh with sharp impression and strong color on fresh, alluring paper, Fine to Very Fine, with 2017 P.S.E. certificate.
Closing July 13-16, 2021

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