To provide boutique auction services focusing upon client experience and satisfaction within all segments of philately, while maintaining the highest level of transparency, accuracy, and honesty.

To conduct philatelic and specialty-related public auction sales in the US and Hong Kong, providing superior results to vendors and assisting clients in building their collections.

To provide buyers and sellers access to weekly online auction sales featuring interesting, desirable items, from entry-level clients starting out to the most advanced collector.

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions was established in 1885 by Mr. Kelleher himself. Since that time, David Coogle and Laurence Gibson are the third owners, with the previous owner Stanley Richmond, who raised the firm to new levels during his long career spanning five decades

Kelleher Auctions knows that as the marketplace evolves, so do the needs of its clients. That is why we have invested so many resources to keep us on the cutting edge of auction technologies. The firm also strives to provide an enjoyable and informative platform from its “Stamp Collectors Quarterly” magazine, to its Value$earch, which allows anyone the ability to quickly find the value of a stamp or cover, to its resource pages. By doing this we are able to provide our buyers with great value and superior service and our consignors with the ultimate exposure and highest possible market value for their material.

Kelleher offers frequent public and weekly internet auctions. Our Collections sales (which are held quarterly) comprise larger lots that contain groups, accumulations, and even dealer stocks. The Flagship Series features select individual stamps and covers including series, sets, and groups of stamps for the intermediate to advanced collectors. Periodically we offer single owner Name sales that highlight one individual’s entire collection exclusively. The weekly Internet sales offer both individual items and collections.

We are here to make the auction process simple and enjoyable for both buyers and sellers. Contact us today if we can help you with your current philatelic needs.

America’s Oldest Philatelic Auction House

Founded in Boston in 1885 by Daniel F. Kelleher

When a young Bostonian gentleman named Daniel F. Kelleher decided to become a stamp dealer and subsequently, a philatelic public auctioneer in the 1880s, even in his dreams he couldn’t have predicted that his business would continue to flourish over 13 decades later and be one of the leading philatelic auction houses. In the 1890s, his business was located at 7 Water Street, the prestigious Winthrop Building in downtown Boston. It moved many times over these years to its current Headquarters in Danbury, CT with a location in Framingham, MA to service its long-time clients from the Boston area.
The fact that Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions LLC is today a well-respected. International philatelic business is not only due to Kelleher himself, its original entrepreneur, but to three equally talented philatelic professionals, with keen sense of business that carried on well after their founder’s demise.
Daniel Kelleher brought his firm into serious prominence with his deep philatelic knowledge, tireless energy, promotional skills and business savvy. From the late 1800s well into America’s World War II era, DFK was at the center of commercial philately. Among his many achievements, his firm was one of the chief backers of each and every World International Philatelic Exhibition ever held in the U.S.
Enter Stanley J. Richmond—successor to Daniel Kelleher when he acquired the company nearly 60 years ago. Stanley’s contributions to the industry are legendary. He has bought, sold or been involved with a giant range of significant collections including those of Morton Dean Joyce, William Wyer, and Marcel Lutwak just to name a few. He is still actively involved in acquiring and selling collections. Stanley’s love for the firm kept the rich history of the Kelleher name alive well into the 21st century. He is in the American Stamp Dealer Hall of Fame where the true greats of our hobby’s business are enshrined.
Not only did Stanley maintain the company’s prestige and worldwide reputation, he also made sure that, when DFK would transition to new owners, the spirit of Kelleher entrepreneurship and industry-leading expertise and marketing professionalism would hold very strong. Today, with Stanley as DFK’s president emeritus, its “new” owners—Co-Chairmen David Coogle and Laurence Gibson—are in their 11th year of running one of philately’s largest and most successful Philatelic Public Auction firms.

Stanley J. Richmond
Chairman Emeritus

Stanley J. Richmond’s careful and forthright ownership of the Daniel F. Kelleher firm over two distinct eras places him among the great historical figures of American philately. First as the man most responsible for our company’s renowned longevity, and finally, and most importantly, its distinction, high intellect, and expertise in pure philately…presiding over his substantial portion of our 135-year history.

The story of how Stanley acquired the Kelleher firm when it was then 65 years old is one of philately’s amazing legends. When he was a boy of high school age (and a burgeoning stamp collector living with his family in Boston) he ventured into the Kelleher offices, even then the oldest stamp shop in the city, in the fall of 1945. The address: 5th Floor, Suite 502, 7 Water Street, Boston. Sitting behind a counter there was Daniel F. Kelleher, himself.

Stanley’s enthusiasm for stamps was quite evident and the two became good friends with Stanley an ardent young customer. One day in the early 1950s, Stanley, by then a Boston College law graduate had decided he’d rather be a stamp dealer than a lawyer. There must have been a twinkle in Kelleher’s eyes when, right on the spot, he up and offered to sell his business to Stanley—and for the surprisingly attractive price of $13,000!

Kelleher drew up a bill of sale and the very fair terms using an old pencil and a simple piece of paper. That document still hangs on the wall behind Stanley’s desk even today. Below it, still leaning against a wall, is the elderly stamp dealer’s hand-carved cane which Stanley uses.

Kelleher had put his entire inventory at that time in a huge satchel and handed it to Stanley, “Here is my entire stock,” he said. Later, when Stanley evaluated the inventory, he found the stock to actually be worth far more than $13,000!

Stanley went on to become just as legendary and admired in this hobby as his mentor, good friend, and philatelic expert. He was involved in the 1980s when the huge US revenues collection of the late Morton Dean Joyce was competitively offered to dealers and auction firms to be auctioned. The late John Boker, a dear friend of Mr. Joyce, was handling dealers’ incoming bids. Boker, himself, estimated the market worth of the holding at a little over $1 million. Stanley’s expertise was sought; he urged Boker to up his valuation to $4 million! Eventually, Andrew Levitt’s winning bid on the Joyce property was $4,275,000! And he was quite happy with the end result when it was finally sold at public auction.

Over the span of the 64 years when Stanley Richmond presided over the world’s oldest continually operating philatelic auction house and stamp firm, the greatest philatelists in America passed through the Kelleher doors. There was hardly a major name that did not, at one time or another, become a longstanding customer. He still serves the company he lovingly owned and can be found each day in his Boston office.

Michael Rogers
Owner Emeritus Michael Rogers, Inc.

When, in 2014, the Daniel F. Kelleher firm acquired and then merged with Michael Rogers Inc., it brought with it the 40-year world-respected China/Asia expertise of the firm’s founder and namesake.

Michael Rogers entered the business of dealing in stamps in 1976 with just $600 in his bank account—and in the interim years became a key worldwide influence (and expert) in his specific specialty area. He became such a major authority on the subject of China/Asia stamps and postal history that collectors (and dealers, too) couldn’t possibly avoid beating a path to his door.

In his own words, “It’s all about character and integrity. ‘Integrity’ is doing business on a level playing field. A sense of honor goes a long way. Relationships are fair only if they protect both sides. I believe business runs best according to simple truths and trust. Money tempts; values don’t.”

Michael Rogers, Inc became successful enough for him to open his Winter Park, Florida, stamp shop sideline in 1978—a storefront that he ran in that lovely suburb of Orlando for 29 years, meeting the philatelic public in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Across town were the firm’s continually expanding main offices in its own two-story building

Over that years, Michael’s business grew into a multi-level operation handling every element of stamp dealing from filling want lists to holding major international public auctions and mail sales. During that time, his business handled some of the most important philatelic properties in the (beginning in 1982) China/Asia spectrum and Michael had become a board member of the China Stamp Society.

Stephen B.

“In closing, I’d like to thank you and your staff at Kelleher Auctions for your professionalism and success in handling my father’s collection. It was a very difficult thing to do to give up the collection after so many years. But your organization has handled the process beautifully. Thank you so much, again!”

Gene L.

“Wishing you and yours, David, a meaningful and delightful Easter holiday. My sincere thanks for your handling of my stamp consignment as well as for providing expert and trusted support for my estate needs. Your customer service rating (on a scale of 10) is a 15! I have never been so well served by a philatelic professional! Not only that, but keep up the great work on your fine magazine and tell Maureen how much I appreciated her kind and helpful courtesy when we spoke on the phone so many times.”

Steven G.
New York

“I would like to tell you how happy I was with the buyer from your main office. He came to my home and spent a considerable amount of time going through my stamp collection.

“Not only did he buy it all for one fair price, but it was double that some other buyers previously offered me.

“Thanks for a pleasant experience. I would recommend your fine company to anyone who is thinking of selling or consigning their collection.

Rita C.
Indianapolis, Indiana

We received your very nice check last week. I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you put into this for us.

“I truly appreciated all of your help with the sale of my father’s stamp collection, I don’t think he would have thought it would be worth that much!

“Thank you”

Consignor Results Report

Thank you all. I’m delighted with the results and for the manner in which your auction firm has handled the sale of the items I have consigned. I’m not sure if you’re able to say who the buyer was. Perhaps it will find its way into an exhibit.

I’m considering disposing of my U.S. F1 collection. I exhibited it a number of times in the past. It has some very nice items, including used multiples, first month usages, ship covers, used in combination with parcel post stamps. and a good deal more.


Our checks were received in good order. Thank you so much for your hard work and professionalism. I was enriched by the experience and learned more about my uncle through this, as I’m sure you can imagine. Your company has been professional and courteous thru-out and I never felt slighted or the least insignificant.

God bless you and your team!


Received my DKA auction purchase shipment this morning. Great service and absolutely pro job on your packaging. Thanks so much for the quick turn on this.

All the best


I’m writing to thank you for your professional handling of my late husband’s stamp collections and dealer’s stock. Since time was not an issue, I am glad that I listened to your advice regarding the timing of the sale. I also appreciated you taking the time to answer my many questions about the auction process. I believe that was a significant factor in the excellent results, more than I expected.

Allen was in the philatelic world for decades and would have been very pleased at your efforts. I appreciated your honesty and integrity, as would have Allen.

Susan Budson Fink

I’m writing to thank you for your professional handling of my late husband’s stamp collections and dealer’s stock. Since time was not an issue, I am glad that I listened to your advice regarding the timing of the sale. I also appreciated you taking the time to answer my many questions about the auction process. I believe that was a significant factor in the excellent results, more than I expected. Allen was in the philatelic world for decades and would have been very pleased at your efforts. I appreciated your honesty and integrity, as would have Allen.


Kudos for your online auction lot presentations. Your PDFs and videos provide far more information than I have seen in other auctions. Great job!

Auction of Mongeon Stamps & Covers

Thank you for your attention to auctioning my collection this year. Today I received the Final statement along with your check for the net. Your presentation of my items/pages in your Flagship 774 catalog was excellent.  I believe that your presentation achieved good results at the auction.


I look forward to seeing you at a future stamp show. Best Wishes for the Holidays.

 I am in Turks and Caicos on vacation with the family. I followed the auction online. Very pleased with the results. Thank you for all your help. Your organization is first class. I hope that we can meet if you come to the Cape this summer.

David Google
David Coogle
Larry Gibson
Virginia Coogle
Finance & HR
Max Wender
VP & Director of Operations
Richard LaSalle
Richard LaSalle
Production Manager
Hugh Galford
Hugh Galford
Senior Describer
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Bin Gu
Executive Assist. To Auction Dept.
Kelly Moen
Philip Koro
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Les Boisclair
Expert Describer
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David S. Ball
Brian Scanlon
Consignor Relations
Nara Giannella
Nara Giannella
Imaging Specialist
Betsy Kline
Jesse Coachman
Jesse Coachman
Shipping & Fulfillment Manager
George Bailey
Consulting Auction Representative
George Eveleth
Senior Consulting Auction Representative
MichaelRogers New
Michael Rogers
Retired, President Emeritus Michael Rogers, Inc

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At Kelleher Auctions, we pride ourselves on hiring highly-qualified and self-motivated employees. As an international auction house, we offer a variety of job opportunities. All current career openings will be listed below.

Philatelist Wanted

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions is seeking a talented describer for our stamp department in Danbury, CT. Duties include assisting collectors and auction consignors in person and by telephone, evaluating prospective purchases in the office. Salary commensurate with philately skills. Previous stamp shop experience a plus. Please email your resume to