Auction Insights

At Kelleher we value the collector’s connection and we aim to foster that relationship through our endeavors as a company. We produce a quarterly magazine, The Stamp Collectors Quarterly, that is aimed to bring information and entertainment to fellow collectors in the industry. All of our catalogs are available online for our clients to view and also available for order in our store or by calling our offices. We also always want to stay connected to our clients and that is why we survey our clients and potential clients on how we can better serve them.

If you are a collector that is looking to consign or sell your collection, we are also able to help you. With our philatelic experts that share over 300 years of experience, we are not only able to give you support, but also able to provide you a positive experience in selling your collection. We offer outright purchases for immediate payment, auction consignment, cash advances, single owner collection sales, and private treaty. We are here to help you meet your philatelic goals, not matter what stage your collection is in.