At Kelleher we are dedicated to utilizing all available resources to help you achieve yourphilatelic goals.

After each Kelleher auction we provide prices realized on our website for you to be ableto see the current price that lots went for in our sale. This also works hand-in-hand withour value search resource which will help you research and discover philatelic item val-ues.

We also pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date with the latest news and an-nouncements that we have as well as other industry partners. You can find all of this andmore in our news and announcements section.

Whether you are new to philately or a pro in the industry, we have a glossary resource foryou that will teach you the “shorthand” of our industry. Don’t see a term you are lookingfor? Let us know and we will add it for others that may be looking for the same information.

Kelleher Auctions offers a philately focused magazine that is available quarterly to all ofour clients. You can view all current and past issues of the magazine on our website orplease subscribe on our magazine page.

Kelleher not only a resource for our clients, but we also connect our clients with other re-sources in the industry. These resources can be partnering companies or societies that arephilately focused.

Want to get to know us better? Connect with us on our social media account: facebook,twitter and instagram. Or learn from our team directly though our informational videos.

We are here for our clients. We look forward to serving all of your philatelic needs.

Kelleher Auctions