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Everyone claims to pay the highest possible price.  How can that be?  Kelleher sells directly to other collectors and in selling to the ultimate end-user can usually offer you the best deal. No middle-men, no double-talk, just straightforward honest valuations backed by our “value guarantee”.  Our team of experts know value and how to achieve it and this translates into some of the highest outright purchase offers in the industry.  With a 90% plus close rate, find out why we are your best choice and contact us today.

What does it mean to SELL TO Kelleher?

As the only truly “International” and oldest Philatelic Auction House, our experts have guided sales in excess of $700,000,000.  Experienced in all aspects of philately and covering the globe, we strive to provide the very best expertise and market valuations that have become the gold standard in our industry.  Know that you made the right choice, years afterwards, you will look back and be comforted that you chose the right team to handle your cherished collection.

We buy it “all” no cherry-picking.

No hassle, pressure-free valuations and offers.

In certain instances, we travel to you and offer “white-glove” transportation services.