FEATURED ITEM LOT 3207 - Sale 36 1968, "Chairman Mao's Inscription to Japanese Worker Friends" prepared for use but not issued 8f black on red (Yang W84), resplendent color, pristine mint, o.g., never hinged, an immaculate Extremely Fine gem, with 1999 B.P.A. certificate. Closing December 16, 2021 FEATURED ITEM LOT 3083 - Sale 36 1956, Views of Peking unissued 8f red orange Tien An Men 8f. with background of rays of sunlight (Yang S106. Scott 292 var.), a stupendous example from the lower left corner of the sheet showing sheet requisition number "062", vibrant color on fresh white paper highlighting the sharp detailed engraving, unused without gum as issued, truly minute natural inclusion of no consequence on reverse
Closing December 16, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 2629 - Sale 35 1899 (May 4) envelope from Ichang to Edinburgh, Scotland (6.19), bearing C.I.P. 2c pairs (2) and single, canceled by "Ichang" dollar dater in brown, "Shanghai" bilingual transit c.d.s. (5.11, on reverse), in combination with Hong Kong 10c with "I.P.O." framed tie-print (RRR) in brown and "Shanghai/C" c.d.s. (5.11), the C.I.P. stamps have some lightly foxed perforations
Closing December 15, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 2667 - Sale 35 1902 (Mar.) registered envelope from Naning to St. Genis Laval, France (5.2), bearing C.I.P. 10c, canceled by "Naning/Post Office" tombstone handstamp and "Registered" bilingual straight-line handstamp, showing "Pakhoi" bilingual transit c.d.s. (3.24, on reverse) and "R" unframed handstamp on front, in combination with Hong Kong Chinese character surcharge 20c on 30c with "I.P.O." framed tie-print and blue crayon security strokes, uncanceled
Closing December 15, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 638 - Sale 762 Worldwide, Whopping All-Mint 52-volume Scott Internationals, 1940-2011. Yet another case where the collection simply doesn't match the albums. This set of Scott Internationals is literally on its last legs, the older volumes well worn, and for good reason; each volume is bursting at the seams with thousands upon thousands of stamps Closing December 3-4, 2021 FEATURED ITEM LOT 25 - Sale 762 U.S., Postal History Collection, 1853-1950s. Over 900 covers encompassing a variety of collecting fields beginning with a handful of stampless covers and nearly 100 19th-century covers chronicling the postal history of Georgia, many with CDS. You'll also find a large quantity of used and some unused postal stationery, picture postcards, Zeppelin Mail, U.S. Possessions, First Flights, Airport Dedications and more
Closing December 3-4, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 2037 - Sale 34 Closing December 15, 2021 1894 (Feb. 14) envelope from Pakhoi to Shanghai, showing "Pakhoi Customs/Mail Matter" oval handstamp in red, and bearing Hong Kong 5c blue, paying the interport rate, canceled by "Customs/Pakhoi" double-ring datestamp and "Hong Kong/F" c.d.s (17.2), there is another superb strike of the "Customs/Pakhoi" origin datestamp, as well as the "Shanghae/C" arrival c.d.s. (2.24), on reverse, the envelope roughly opened at back and resealed,
FEATURED ITEM LOT 2036 - SALE 34 1897 (Mar.) envelope from Pagoda Anchorage to Hermann Schweiger, I.M. Customs, Canton, showing "Pagoda Anchorage/Mail Matter" double-ring oval handstamp in brown and matching "Paid" bilingual framed handstamp, with "Imperial Post Office/Canton" oval arrival datestamp (3.25) on reverse Closing December 15, 2021 FEATURED ITEM LOT 1250 - SALE 33 1940, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, New York printing, $2 black and blue, center inverted (Chan 508a. Scott 461a), a marvelous example of this famous 20th century error, characteristic centering frame to foot, deep rich colors, pristine white paper from face except for the faintest traces of ageing at top just affecting two perforations, unused with part original gum, barely perceptible corner crease in margin at lower right; despite these negligible faults which are merely mentioned for accuracy
Closing December 14, 2021
FEATURED ITEM LOT 1237 - SALE 33 1912, Foochow "Provisional Neutrality" overprint, $2 carmine and yellow (Chan 142. Scott 136), deep colors, well-centered, fresh, mint, o.g., lightly hinged, Very Fine and choice, with 1999 B.P.A. certificate. Closing December14, 2021 FEATURED ITEM LOT 7779 - ONLNE SALE 5152 1893, $4 Columbian (Scott 244); top reperfed, Fine to Very Fine. Closing November 28, 2021 FEATURED ITEM LOT 7701 - Online Sale 5152 Closing November 28, 2021 1869, 12¢ green (Scott 117), disturbed o.g., Very Fine

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