Kelleher is quite pleased to offer complete and highly specialized award-winning exhibits formed and meticulously executed by specialists who have shown them in competition in both national & International philatelic exhibitions. Each one of the exhibits is the result of years of work on the part of the exhibitor—and as a result, is substantially complete for its particular subject matter. You may examine each of the exhibits fully intact, prior to being disassembled for auction sale, page by page, right here on our website. This timeless resource will inure forever, one’s collections as presented,  available to anyone, anytime.   For more information, please contact Richard LaSalle at the Kelleher offices.

Exhibition Collections:

PDFs of some exhibition collections, still on their original pages, that were featured in prior sales, are also available for viewing. These include:

  • Randy L. Neil award winning collection of The Confederate States of America.

    Using ongoing research and study that began in 1970, this is the story of the design, development, production, postal marking and uses of the key letter rate postage stamps that guided the mails of the CSA during its final two years.This remarkable collection will be offered in a 2022 Kelleher auction.PDF’s of this noteworthy collection on the original pages are available in sections as outlined here.
    Click on each title to view the complete exhibition.
    The Printers and the Printing
    The Shades
    The Few Printing & Production Varieties
    Experimental & Unofficial Perforations
    Postal Rates
    Special Uses
    Adversity Mails
    Especially Unusual & exotic Uses
    Very Late Uses

    • The Award Winning Alan Warren Collection of the Stamps and Postal History of Tibet.

      This remarkable exhibit first appeared nationally in 1981, and 30 years later has amassed 8 Gold Medals in addition to many special honors, such as the 2001 Sescal Chairman’s Award, the APS 1900-1940 Medal of Excellence and many others.The exhibit encompasses the postal history and the printing and use of the native stamps from the pre-adhesive era in the 19th century, until the intervention of Communist China in the 1950’s. Noteworthy sections are featured from the 1903 Younghusband expedition as well as items from the significant F.M. Bailey and Swedish explorer Sven Hedin correspondences. Exceptional coverage of the 1910 Chinese Post Office in Tibet are noted as well.This stellar collection will be prominently featured in the November Kelleher & Rogers Auction.PDF’s of this extraordinary collection on the original pages are available in sections as outlined here. Click on each to view.
      Section 1
      Section 2
      Section 3
      Section 4
      Section 5
      Section 6
      Section 7
      Section 8
      Section 9
      Section 10
    • The “Legend of the Dragon” Collection, part of our K&R sale 32 in March 2021. As the name would suggest, the overriding emphasis of this stellar collection is based around the iconic Large Dragon stamps of the Chinese Qing Dynasty. This collection has not seen the light of day in well over a generation. Without a doubt, this fabulous public auction is of such pre-eminent importance that it will clearly set the pace for China philately in 2021. PDF’s of this extraordinary collection on the original pages are available in sections as outlined here:
      Volume 1
      Volume 2
      Volume 3
      Volume 4
    • LONDON 2020, in London, England. The exhibition was rescheduled to 2022 because of the corona virus, but we had prepared a special catalog of private treaty offerings for the show. 
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      to view our fully illustrated and very detailed catalog.
    • STOCKHOLMIA 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden. For this show we prepared a special private treaty offering. 
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       to view our sumptuous and fully illustrated catalog.
    • Ward Collection: The U.S. 1913 Parcel Post Issue,, part of our sale 735 in February 2020.
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    • MLG Collection: 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibition.
    • MLG Collection: 1925 Norse-American Exhibition.
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    • MLG Collection: 1930 Graf Zeppelin Flights.
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    • 1930 Zeppelin Pan-American Flight covers, featured in our May 2017 sale 699. FILE NAME exhibit_panam_flight.pdf
    • Hindenburg Flight covers, also featured in our May 2017 sale 699.
    • The Boyarsky Collection of U.S. 3c Fancy Cancels, part of our sale 713 in May 2018.